Everything Has A Start

Everything Has A Start

11 This beginning of signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and manifested His glory; and His disciples believed in Him. 12 After this He went down to Capernaum, He, His mother, His brothers, and His disciples; and they did not stay there many days.

John 2:3-8

Jesus waited about thirty years before beginning his ministry. We see this in the gospel of Luke 3:23:

23 Now Jesus Himself began His ministry at about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, the son of Heli,

Why did he wait that long and what exactly did Jesus do during those thirty years? We will probably never have difinitive answers to these two questions until we can ask him ourselves in heaven. But it made me think about our own lives. What was my goal in life when I was thrity? For those who haven’t reached thirty yet, what will be your goals when you reach it?

Cana of course is when Jesus began to show his glory as expressed in the text. His ministry began a little before when he was baptised, fasted in the desert and then began to ask people to follow him.

According to John, after these few events, we are introduced to the first Passover during his ministry in Jerusalem. It is here that things go into full motion.

13 Now the Passover of the Jews was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem.

John 2:13

As we’ll see next week, things turn quickly into chaos at the Temple but we’ll not spoil that story here just yet.

Instead I would like for us to ponder or compare our life’s journey and Jesus’. At thirty years old, his path was set and he went in 100%. He didn’t deviate or try different roads. He knew his mission and went all in.

That should bring up two big questions for us. Do we know our own individual missions and are we putting our entire effort into it. Think about that this week and see what God tells you.

Pr. Steven Couto