Out of the Blue

Have you ever had someone do something nice for you that was totally unexpected? Something you could say was “out of the blue”? Today I will be sharing a story of someone who did just that to me and my family when I was a young boy, and I never forgot it. Today is a special day for our church. It is a time when once a quarter we remember and celebrate the greatest act to humanity by our loving Saviour Jesus Christ. 2000 or so years ago, Jesus came to this earth and died to take our place so that we don’t have to bear the eternal consequences of sin. This cost Jesus everything and all we have to do is accept His free gift to each of us. Our communion service once a quarter is a time for us to remember Him and to say thank you by washing each other’s feet and taking part in the emblems of his body and blood. My prayer is that here, today, you take the time to thank God for what He’s done for us and what He will do for us someday soon, out of the blue..