Opportunity to de-clutter

This week was a busy one for my family. We are almost done packing and getting ready for the truck to come and pick up our things on Tuesday. Moving isn’t the funniest thing in the world but I’ve learned to appreciate at least one aspect of it, the opportunity to de-clutter. It always amazes me how many things I carry with me from place to place that I have absolutely no use for. I was thinking that there’s a similarity there for our spiritual and emotional lives as well. God calls us to give Him our burdens and sometimes it’s a good thing to catalogue the things you carry and see if maybe it’s time to let go of a few things. Take this opportunity at the beginning of 2020 to de-clutter your life and give God the things you can’t handle. Today we are blessed to have Andrew Conroy sharing a message with us. He’s the head elder at the Willowdale church and a good friend to our family. We also have a baby dedication today for baby Eric! I’m glad you decided to spend the day with us, wishing God’s blessings as we worship Him together today.”