Monthly Theme: “Mere Christianity”

Welcome to the month of June. We hope that you will join us at the house of God at Bronte this Sabbath. We hope that you experience God’s presence through our study, worship, and fellowship.

This month, we will explore a new theme, as we examine what it means to be a Christian in a world that is becoming hostile to Christianity.

What does it mean to represent Christ? Is Jesus really who He says He is? What’s the difference between living a life for God and apart from God? We will seek to answer some of these questions.

Our Christian living is based on our experience with God. We must have a living union with the living vine and have boldness that seeks to magnify and glorify God in our lives where everything else is second (Phil. 2:19-21).

It is not just “mere” Christianity, but a “must” Christianity that we must strive for. It’s not enough to just get by on little Christianity, little praying, little studying God’s Word, little sharing, and little with God.

Either Christ is the truly Lord of all in our lives, or none at all!

Let’s choose Christ, for to live is Christ and to die (to self/world) is gain!

Be blessed,
Pastor Daniel D. Saugh