Living your Season with Reason!

Spring is in the air once again! We are transitioning from one season to the next; you can hear the birds chirping, see the grass greening and the buds opening, and observe life returning! Perhaps this is the season that we most enjoy, as it is colourful with character and signifies the renewal of life, full of vibrance and vitality.  Is this what the season looks like to you?  Could you be in need of a renewal of life this spring season?  Could it be that you need some new experience, a new job, a new relationship, new purpose, a new path, or just overall out with the old and in with the new?  The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:1, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven…” (NKJV).  Well, welcome to the spring of hope.  Seize the moment, bask in the sunshine, grow in grace, live by the Word, walk with purpose, claim your season, and trust in God.  He can give you that sense of renewed purpose, meaning, and a reason to live.  Though the road of life may be difficult, challenging, disorienting, and sometimes unfair, you must carry on because a bend in the road does not mean the end of the road.  If you allow God to be your guide and use His word to be your road map, you will surely be traveling in the right direction.  If you take your hand off the wheel, then give it over to God; His hand on the wheel is better than yours.  As I used to share with many, everyday above ground is a great day.  So go on, live again, breathe again, rejoice again, and hope again — for every day is a gift from God.  Ensure that you live with the right attitude, which will determine your altitude… spread your wings and start soaring to a new height this season!