How was your week?

How was your week? It’s amazing that the temperature can fluctuate so much from one day to the next. At the beginning of the week at our place it was +6 but by Wednesday it was -11 with the windchill. Spiritually speaking, we all have our ups and downs. Some days it feels like we’re warm in our faith and God seems near and everything is going well. Then there are other times when it feels like our relationship with God is colder than we’d like and we don’t hear His voice. One lesson the Christmas season teaches us is that regardless of how we feel toward God, God never changes how He feels towards us. John 3:16 starts with the words “For God so loved…” God has and will always love us. In fact, He loved us so much that His son Jesus was born here on earth and grew up to show us what God was really like and His life was marked by a humble love and sacrifice. This is what we celebrate at Christmas time! For our service today, we extend a warm welcome to the Bells of Bowmanville, the hand bell choir of the Bowmanville SDA Church under the direction of J. C. Coolen, who will lead us in our worship service this morning. May your hearts be warmed through their ministry of music.