Empowering our Young People

I have a question for you. Do you remember a time when you were young and someone older from the church invested in you? How did that make you feel? One of our greatest passions and missions as a church is our young people. We have an excellent group of leaders for our youth and children’s programs to engage them and inspire their faith. While we have some exciting plans for 2020, one thing I like to do once in a while as a pastor, is give young people an opportunity to join me up front and help deliver a sermon. Because someone invested in me when I was young and gave me the opportunity to preach, it made a positive impact on my ministry and who I am today. So, I’ve been praying about this idea for a few months now and the person God laid on my heart to ask is Aaron Hurlington. As you know, he was baptized not too long ago, and he has an interest in ministry and a passion for God. He is 12 years old and I’m excited that we have the opportunity to preach a message together on a topic God has laid on his heart. Let’s continue to work together as a church family to encourage and empower our young people to participate in our worship here at Bronte.