Easter Program

Each one of us has a story. Our stories are made up of the moments and decisions we’ve made in our lives up until this point. Some decisions we’ve made affected our own lives in small or meaningful ways. Other decisions we’ve made impacted the lives of people around us such as friends, family, or colleagues. There are however a few people who can say their decisions have impacted the whole world. Scientific breakthroughs and advances in technology, music, and works of art have changed our world… and although each of these helped create the stories we all live in as a world community, there is one person’s story that changed everything. His name is Jesus Christ, and He is the Son of God. Today Christians around the world are celebrating the greatest event in the world. A day 2,000 plus years ago when the Son of God came to this planet and gave up us life so that our stories don’t have to end here on earth. Because of His death on the cross and His subsequent resurrection on Sunday morning, we too can experience eternal life that He freely offers. Jesus invites anyone willing to come and “See What a Morning” He has in store for those who accept His sacrifice on their behalf and await His soon return. We’re glad you joined us today, and we hope that you’re encouraged by our Easter program. Perhaps you may hear Jesus speaking to your heart today.”

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  1. Deevin Festejo
    Deevin Festejo says:

    Powerful and perfect! May each one of us as a Bronte church family along with each of our guests re-experience afresh and anew the power of Christ and His resurrection as we celebrate it this weekend! As I am greatly blessed, so are you, i pray!

  2. Allan Heacock
    Allan Heacock says:

    What a wonderful gift God the Father has given us in Jesus Christ that our stories may continue into heaven.
    May we truly contemplate on all that Jesus has done and is doing for all of mankind!


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