Closer to Community

Our theme this quarter is Closer to Community. What we will focus on in particular is how to fulfill Jesus’ invitation to share his love to people in the community. Our community can be the city of Oakville or even our neighbors or co-workers and in order to reach them for Jesus we first need to know them and understand who they are. Today we will look at the theology behind mission and in the upcoming weeks we will also look at some demographics for our church’s neighborhood in particular and discover methods that will help us share the most amazing message in the world. We also have a few outreach events planned – one of them happened last Sunday where the Pathfinder ministry and the Community Services ministry joined together and put on a successful and free community BBQ and car wash. Through the donations they’ve managed to raise over $1500 to help with the Oshkosh trip happening in a couple weeks. It was amazing to see not only our own members having fun but also the folks from the community that came out. Please pray that our church will be known in this community as a church that serves its neighborhood with love. God bless each of you today!