Celebration of Fathers

A few weeks have past where we’ve been enjoying the various camp meetings that happen for our church in the province. Before that, in May, we celebrated Mother’s day and the sermon was about 3 things we learned from an unlikely story in the Bible about Mothers. Today in June, we celebrate fathers, so whether you’re a father, grandfather, step-father, soon-to-be father, or you play a father-like role in someone’s life we wish you a happy Father’s day! We thank God for you and wish to convey our deepest gratitude for everything you do. It’s not easy being a father at times, but our families and communities look to us to be strong role models for our young people. For today’s sermon we will be looking again at a character in the Bible and the lessons we can all learn about being a good role model. We hope you’re blessed by our service today and we encourage everyone to take a moment this weekend to thank your fathers for all they do.