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Warm Welcome

We warmly welcome you to Bronte! With the recent unpredictable weather pattern, we wonder what season we find ourselves in. Although it is officially spring, we still see the signs of winter as we gaze outside our window. It can leave us feeling confused and frustrated as we struggle to adjust to our surroundings of […]

Faith in God?

Did you know that Adventists believe in justification by faith, meaning that we are not saved by our deeds/actions, but instead by our faith in God? In other words, we are not justified by doing good things, but by believing in God, His grace, and His power to save us, forgive us, and help us. […]

Another Happy Sabbath

We are looking forward to warmly greeting you and wishing you “Happy Sabbath” – a welcome greeting of hope, peace, and blessing; a prayer that the Lord be with you; a reminder to thank God for this holy day meant for praise and rest that was set aside each week. We pray that you will […]

Power of Influence

Have you ever thought about the power of influence? In the case a child, they watch those around, learning every move, hanging to each word, and acknowledging every action. The kids eventually act like replicas of the adults around them, copying language and mimicking actions; we refer to this as “monkey see, monkey do,” and […]

We Hope to see you on Sabbath

We also look forward to warmly welcoming you to the Bronte Church. We truly hope that you will be blessed, inspired, and charged with hope and gladness when you leave this place today. Have you ever thought about where such positive feelings come from? Maybe a family member or a friend did something special for […]

Sabbath February 17

We would love to warmly welcome you and thank you for joining our Bronte family to worship, praise, and fellowship with us this Sabbath! This weekend, in Ontario, we will celebrate Family Day. This statutory holiday was originally instituted in 1989 in Alberta, to add a day of leisure between New Year’s Eve and Easter […]

Welcome to Bronte Pastor Zama and family

WELCOME TO BRONTE! A good morning and happy Sabbath to each person with us today. We thank you for joining us this morning and warmly welcome you to the house of the Lord! We extend a very special greeting to welcome our new Pastor Robert Zama, his wife, Alina, and their daughter, Sarah. You were […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – Jan 13 2018

Good afternoon church family, we made it through our first full week of 2018! “This second Sabbath of the new year, we wish to warmly welcome you to the Bronte Church family. We hope the year is off to a great start for each of you and that you are tracking well. The year is […]

Fom the Pastor’s Desk Dec 23 2017

Welcome to the Bronte Church family during this festive season as we celebrate the first Advent of our Lord. As the world gathers to celebrate Christmas with its gifts, merriment, feasting and partying, it is evident that the reason for the season is forgotten. If we take Christ of out of Christmas, we have nothing. […]