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To be noticed is to be loved.

I read a quote this week that was so powerful I was impressed to share it with all of you. It says, “To be noticed is to be loved.” (Ali Smith). This month we are looking at how we can grow closer to our families and I believe simply helping someone feel noticed is one […]

Come in Your Bathrobe

We are excited that we have two great speakers presenting today for our main service today. Isabel Thorman will be one of the speakers, whom we all know, and the second is Marcia K. Wiinamaki Psy.D., Director of Southwestern Medical Clinic Christian Counseling and Psychological Services in Stevensville, Michigan, for over 22 years. She is […]

Focus on Family

This quarter we are focusing on family, and one of the things that families need now more than ever is each other. How can we be there for our families? Do you feel as if your life is getting just too busy to stop and listen? Today we are looking at the first message in […]


This is the weekend in Canada when we celebrate thanksgiving. We’ve celebrated thanksgiving ever since the pilgrims landed on North America’s beaches and thanked God for all his provisions. The Bible says in 1 Chronicles 16:8 to “Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.” When […]

Last Weekend

Last weekend was incredible. We had such a beautiful Sabbath and to cap it all off we had something we’ve never had before, a concert outside in the evening air under a tent. It was so nice I can’t wait to do it again! But our weekend didn’t end there. Sunday was also an incredible […]

Health Emphasis weekend

For this week’s Health Emphasis weekend, we have a guest speaker that needs no introduction. He was the previous pastor here, and we’re happy Pastor Daniel Saugh can bring us today’s message. We also would like to remind everyone about tonight’s community concert at 6:30pm in the tent outside. The same tent that will be […]

Different Faith Stages

Last week we looked at some statistics that gave us a good picture of what the community around our church looks like. I was very interested to learn that 17.85% of the 1015 people living in our neighborhood are classified under “No Religious Affiliation”. That’s approx. 181 people! How much do we know or understand […]


OSHKOSH UPDATE PART 2: Though I’m away again this Sabbath, I wanted to share with you something that happened last week at Oshkosh. Last Wednesday evening, at one of these evening programs, I had the privilege of baptizing one of our Pathfinders, Joseph Acosta. It was amazing to be a part of a baptism on […]