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The Man for All Seasons

Good morning! We trust your experience today will be uplifting as we study, worship, and fellowship. We have lived to see the last month of the year of 2016! Where has the time gone? As we reflect this month, we will explore the theme, “the Man for all seasons” and hope that we will desire […]

Revive us Again!

 Welcome to Bronte Church! Have you ever seen fire fall from heaven? We have perhaps seen fireworks or some dazzling display of fire or pyrotechnics that captivated us. Fire is a fascinating element, source of energy and light. When it’s cold or dark at camp we light a fire, or when we want to burn […]

Monthly Theme: “Revive Us Again!”

Welcome to the Bronte Church family! We trust that today you will find a blessing through our study, worship, and fellowship. As we continue our monthly theme, “Revive Us Again,” and we start our Week of Prayer, we pray that God will inspire you and encourage your heart. The first of the reassuring readings for […]

From the Pastor’s Desk

Welcome to the Bronte Church family today!  We hope that you will find meaning, inspiration, hope and be blessed by our study and worship experience.  It is that time and season of the year.  The leaves are turning to that picturesque hue of orange, brown, red and yellow.  The golden coloured harvest of crops surround […]

Pastoral Post for July 1, 2016

Today we are celebrating our country’s 149th year. Living in Canada, we have so many privileges that, unless we stop and think about it, we take for granted – we live in a peaceful nation with many allies, have access to leading education and healthcare, and most importantly, allow accepted diversity and freedom. This last […]

Monthly Theme: “Mere Christianity”

Welcome to the month of June. We hope that you will join us at the house of God at Bronte this Sabbath. We hope that you experience God’s presence through our study, worship, and fellowship. This month, we will explore a new theme, as we examine what it means to be a Christian in a […]

Monthly Theme: “Focus on the Family!”

Welcome to Bronte! We pray that your families have been enriched and inspired by the messages on family life these last few weeks. Today, we welcome to the pulpit our guest speaker, Pastor Sarah Oliveira-Augustin, who will conclude this month’s theme. In the book of Jeremiah 31 the Lord says, “‘At the same time… I […]

From the Pastor’s Desk | Sabbath, April 16, 2016

Welcome to the Bronte Church at worship today. As we continue our monthly theme “Focus on the Family”, we hope that this month has been treating you and your families well. We pray that you are benefiting from the series of messages that provide some helpful insights on how to create and nurture healthy families. […]