Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was ruler of Macedonia at age 16, a victorious general at 18, and king at 20 — he then died from alcohol before age 33. After Alexander began a second night of carousing in Babylon with 20 guests at table, he drank to the health of every person at the table. Soon he fell to the floor, was fever-stricken, and — a few days later in 323 BC — was dead. Perhaps one of the most fascinating facts about Alexander is that the Bible predicted his rise and fall in the book of Daniel – back in 600 BC; almost 300 years earlier! Friends, you can trust God. He knows your story and has a plan to take us all to a better place with Him someday soon. Who knows what will happen 300 years from now!? All we do know is that God does know and for those who choose Him today, may we be in eternity by then.