Bronte’s Adventurers is a great place for younger children to get started with learning about God’s amazing creation and what it means to live for Christ.

What is the Adventurer Club?

The Adventurers is a club for children in grades 1-4 who agree to keep the Adventurer’s law.  The club is church-sponsored and is open to both boys and girls and promises to be educational and fun while exposing children to the love and knowledge of Christ in a way that they can understand.

Some of the objectives of the Adventurer Club are:

  1. to develop a Christ-like character;
  2. to experience the joy and satisfaction of doing things well;
  3. to express their love for Jesus in a natural way;
  4. to learn good sportsmanship and strengthen their ability to get along with others;
  5. to discover their God-given abilities and to know how to use them to benefit self and serve others,
  6. to improve their understanding of what makes families strong.

What is the Adventurer’s Law and Pledge?

According to the official Adventurer website, the following is the Adventurer Pledge and Law that all little Adventurers agree to…

Adventurer Pledge

Because Jesus loves me, I will always do my best.

Adventurer Law

Jesus can help me to:

  • Be obedient
  • Be pure
  • Be true
  • Be kind
  • Be respectful
  • Be attentive
  • Be helpful
  • Be cheerful
  • Be thoughtful
  • Be reverent

Please visit the offical North American Division’s Adventurer Club website to learn more about this exciting family and Christ centered program:

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Bronte’s Adventurers in Action!