A Little Hope

I write this post with a heavy heart because this is the last post I write as the pastor of the Bronte Seventh-day Adventist church. My family and I have been so blessed to be a part of your church family! It has been a real privilege to build friendships and to work with such an amazing leadership team. We will miss you all terribly and we know that God will continue to bless you in the future. No doubt you’ve seen the news of basketball legend Kobe and his daughter who died tragically along with seven other people in the helicopter crash this past week. Some of you can identify with the pain of losing someone close to you… I think one of the things people need most when hit with a loss like that is just a little hope. A reason to believe that one day there will be something better to look forward to. Hope can go a long way when faced with deep sadness, a concept known all too well by Jesus’ disciples as they watched their Savior died one Friday afternoon. For today’s message I wanted to explore how even in those darkest moments, Jesus left behind a message of hope, a message of hope that wasn’t only for His disciples but for all His followers who face sadness and grief, a message of hope for you and me when we’re caught between tragedy and triumph.”