Easter Program

Each one of us has a story. Our stories are made up of the moments and decisions we’ve made in our lives up until this point. Some decisions we’ve made affected our own lives in small or meaningful ways. Other decisions we’ve made impacted the lives of people around us such as friends, family, or colleagues. There are however a few people who can say their decisions have impacted the whole world. Scientific breakthroughs and advances in technology, music, and works of art have changed our world… and although each of these helped create the stories we all live in as a world community, there is one person’s story that changed everything. His name is Jesus Christ, and He is the Son of God. Today Christians around the world are celebrating the greatest event in the world. A day 2,000 plus years ago when the Son of God came to this planet and gave up us life so that our stories don’t have to end here on earth. Because of His death on the cross and His subsequent resurrection on Sunday morning, we too can experience eternal life that He freely offers. Jesus invites anyone willing to come and “See What a Morning” He has in store for those who accept His sacrifice on their behalf and await His soon return. We’re glad you joined us today, and we hope that you’re encouraged by our Easter program. Perhaps you may hear Jesus speaking to your heart today.”

Women’s Ministry

It’s always exciting when a family has a baby. It’s also exciting for us as a church when we can witness one of those families come forward for a baby dedication service. Today we will be having a special prayer and dedication service for Ryan and Vanessa’s little miracle, Roman James Robbio, who was born exactly 6 months ago today. Many of their family members are here as well and we have an opportunity to celebrate together with them on this very special occasion. Today is also Women’s Ministry Emphasis Day. I want to thank Rocio and her team for working hard in their preparations. They have invited Reema Sukumaran to be the guest speaker and we are excited to welcome her to Bronte today. Let’s celebrate and support the women in our lives not just today, but always. Thank you for choosing to join us here at Bronte today, we pray for a blessing as we worship and fellowship together!”

Closer to Each Other

Today we begin a new quarter and our theme is “Closer to Each Other”. The goal with this series is to explore Biblical concepts of fellowship and communion. This is a very important topic in the life of a church family. As you will notice in our scripture reading, the author of Hebrews first tells us to, “hold unswervingly to the hope we profess” Heb 10:23 This is very important but it also explicitly commands us not to “give up meeting together.” Heb 10:25 I believe meeting together at church and small groups during the week is more than just a time we can study about and worship God. It is also a time we can connect with fellow believers and share pieces of our journey with each other, to encourage one another in our Christian journeys. One activity that encourages this time of sharing effectively is having a meal together. That is why the family life team is creating opportunities like the activity we are participating in today to simply encourage that time of sharing and fellowship that is needed in a healthy and vibrant church family. Welcome, and may God bless you as we learn and participate in that fellowship experience this quarter.