Reflect on Christ’s Great Sacrifice of Love

Welcome to the Bronte Church family! This weekend all around the world people gather to celebrate and remember the time of the passion and Passover. It may be confusing to some who may ask what does chocolates, Easter bunnies and eggs have to do with it? Well, really nothing at all!. During the time of Christ and the celebration of the Passover especially as He was preparing for Calvary, there was also a pagan festival that was also celebrated to the alleged goddess of fertility, spring and light Eostre which became known as Easter and it somehow got mixed in and merged with what people today know as Easter. However, if the truth be told, it really has nothing to do with what the real truth of the occasion is. There are even movies today being produced that portray a more accurate message of the occasion such as recently released Risen and The Young Messiah. This is a time we pause and reflect on the great sacrifice made by the Son of God, the Saviour of the world. Romans 5:8, says, “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while w were yet sinners Christ died for us,” (NASB). We were in fatal condition and sentenced to death because of sin. But Jesus, came to make a way for us through His grace to be reconciled back to God by bridging the gap with His own life so that through believing and accepting Him as our Saviour from sin and Lord of our life we can not only be forgiven but set free to live a life that honours Him. What will be your response to His love for you? As we celebrate the Last Supper through foot washing and communion at our Lord’s table, may we open our hearts and receive Him in today anew. We have courage for today, hope for tomorrow, and life everlasting because He is risen, for looked where they laid Him, He is no longer there! Let us thank God and remember Him this weekend for His infinite sacrifice of love as we look forward to meeting and eating with Him one day soon at Heaven’s banquet table!

Living your Season with Reason!

Spring is in the air once again! We are transitioning from one season to the next; you can hear the birds chirping, see the grass greening and the buds opening, and observe life returning! Perhaps this is the season that we most enjoy, as it is colourful with character and signifies the renewal of life, full of vibrance and vitality.  Is this what the season looks like to you?  Could you be in need of a renewal of life this spring season?  Could it be that you need some new experience, a new job, a new relationship, new purpose, a new path, or just overall out with the old and in with the new?  The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:1, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven…” (NKJV).  Well, welcome to the spring of hope.  Seize the moment, bask in the sunshine, grow in grace, live by the Word, walk with purpose, claim your season, and trust in God.  He can give you that sense of renewed purpose, meaning, and a reason to live.  Though the road of life may be difficult, challenging, disorienting, and sometimes unfair, you must carry on because a bend in the road does not mean the end of the road.  If you allow God to be your guide and use His word to be your road map, you will surely be traveling in the right direction.  If you take your hand off the wheel, then give it over to God; His hand on the wheel is better than yours.  As I used to share with many, everyday above ground is a great day.  So go on, live again, breathe again, rejoice again, and hope again — for every day is a gift from God.  Ensure that you live with the right attitude, which will determine your altitude… spread your wings and start soaring to a new height this season!

Monthly Theme: “Just Serve Him!”

Welcome to Bronte today! This month are focusing on serving God. Service to our Lord is done when we help serve one another. Jesus reminds us of this in Matthew 25:40 (NIV) when He says, “‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” Here at Bronte, there are so many opportunities to help serve our brothers and sisters in the community. For example, today we can share God’s love to a resident at Sunrise Senior Living, to a person who might not have any other visitors other than a church group like ours; this afternoon, we can join the youth as they distribute bags to our neighborhood that will allow households to collect food during the week and next Sabbath, we can help the youth go back to pick up the donations to be delivered for distribution to the less fortunate; next Sunday, we can take part in fulfilling our duties as Park Ambassadors in a clean-up at Langtry Park (a section of 14 Mile Creek); and there are so many other programs at Bronte (just take a glance at the rest of the bulletin!) where we can volunteer. The more helping hands, the lighter the load. Talk to someone today about how/where you can get involved to serve our Lord, as you serve others.