Waiting Patiently

As we go through our daily lives may we always take time to reflect on Jesus’ second coming. We know that waiting can be difficult and at times discouraging so we were taught how to be encouraged as we keep the faith and hold on to His promises that have been fulfilled and to those that are soon to take place. We have to wait patiently. We must diligently seek Him and His word, and urgently receive the messages He sends to us through His word and through His response to our prayers. May we continue to watch as end time prophecies are unfolding and believe that it is not the timing of His arrival that matters, but it is His coming that does. May the light of God’s love revive us and bring hope, joy, and peace into each of our lives, bringing us even closer to Him. May the power of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and minds strengthen our lives so that we can continue to feel the need for revival and to feel the weight of the needs of others. Let us cling to Jesus only. It is His power that will help us to overcome daily struggles that threaten to pull us away from Him. He will keep us safe and nothing will ever separate us from Him and His love for us. As we journey together as a church family, may we be restored, refreshed and reawakened as we look toward history’s most anticipated event. May we encourage, support and love each other along the way.
John 14:3 tells of Jesus’ promise to us; “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.” Let us hold on to this promise as we continue on with Jesus’ strength to this wonderful day.