Serving as a Deaconess

The main function of a Deaconess is to serve others in the church. Serving as a Deaconess is a very rewarding and humbling experience as the ‘team’ works together to serve each other and Jesus Christ their Lord. In order to become a Deaconess you must first be ordained.

Currently, Bronte has 8 Deaconesses who assist with the activities listed below:

The preparation and organizing of the Communion service

  • Preparing the table for communion
  • Making the Communion bread
  • Preparing the plates with the communion bread, and filling the glasses with the grape juice
  • Serving the bread & grape juice during the service
  • Pouring of the water for the ladies during the footwashing ceremony
  • Praying and singing with the ladies after the footwashing ceremony is completed
  • Picking up the glasses from the sanctuary, and the washing of the glasses and all utensils used during the communion service
  • Proper disposal of the left over bread and grape juice
  • Washing of the tablecloth and all towels used during the communion service

Assisting with baptism ceremonies

  • Providing the baptismal gowns and towels for the Pastor and candidate on the day of the ceremony
  • Assisting the female baptismal candidate before and after the baptism ceremony
  • Washing of all baptismal clothing used during the baptism ceremony

Assisting with all potlucks

  • Assisting in the morning to receive all the food that is brought to the church, and keeping it warm
  • Prepare all the tables with tablecloths, the cups and napkins
  • Prepare the mugs of juice & place them on the tables
  • Prepare the dessert tables prior to the potluck
  • Then assist after the potluck to ensure that the kitchen is clean

Assisting with events at the church

Deaconesses help with both regular and special events and programs like the “It Is Written Series”. Duties typically include greeting, handing out the flyers during and at the end of the meetings, and various other duties as requested.

Maria Paterson is the current Head Deaconess at Bronte SDA Church