Meet Pastor Danny Saugh

His message is:

“Live life on purpose not by accident and make it count!…never forget this world is truly not our home…there is a better day coming…Let’s arise and shine and get ready to meet Jesus, our Forever Friend face to face soon and very soon!”

Pastor Daniel Saugh took up office as pastor of the Bronte Seventh Day Adventist Church toward the end of 2013.

Pastor Saugh was born in Toronto and is a native by descent of Trinidad and Tobago. He is a Toronto “boy” and grew up in the Jane and Finch area.

He is product of Adventist Christian Education, attending Crawford Adventist Academy, in Toronto, Canada. He is a graduate of York University in Toronto, with a degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences (Pre-med studies). He is also a graduate of Andrews University with graduate degrees in Divinity (AU SDA Theological Seminary) and International Development and Community Health respectively. He is also a graduate of Loma Linda University with a graduate degree in Public health.

Prior to entering into ministry he has worked in the health education/promotion and for Nutraceutical industry. He has served as the youth pastor of the Toronto Korean SDAC in Toronto, Canada. He has served as Youth Pastor at the Westmont SDA Church in Chicago, Illinois and the Associate Pastor for Evangelism at the New Life SDAC @ Andrews University, Michigan. He had also served as Associate/Youth Ministries Pastor at Mississauga, Pastor of the Meadowvale SDA Church, and most recently at North Shore and Elliot Lake Churches in the Northern Ontario. He has been the Associate Director for Giraffe University, a Youth Training Ministry of the North American Division, Centre for Youth Evangelism in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Pastor Saugh has traveled extensively preaching the gospel and has conducted several evangelistic series and revivals in the Caribbean, USA, Canada, Asia, Africa, South America and in Europe He also has conducted mission trips and worked in Health & Development projects with ADRA. He will continue to do this as God gives him breath in his body to lift the name of Jesus Christ.

From the Pastor’s Desk

From the Pastor’s Desk – December 9 2017

We can’t wait to welcome to the Bronte church family where we will meet again to study, worship, and fellowship. We look forward to your presence with us and hope that you will receive a rich blessing and your experience today will be an uplifting one. We continue with part II of dealing with discouragement. We have all tried to avoid the big “D” word, but at some point or another in our lives, we have all experienced discouragement; perhaps you may be in such a moment as you read this. Discouragement is part of the human condition that we... Read more →

From the Pastor’s Desk – Dec 2nd 2017

Welcome to our Bronte Church family as we gather this first Sabbath of the last month in 2017! Are you excited? Anxious? In shock? As the year draws to a close, it is a time of reflection for many, anticipation for some, and anxiety for others. Our outlook depends on where we are in life, what is happening, and our mind-set. Sometimes our attitude loses altitude; as days pass, we may experience highs and lows, troughs and crests, and mountains and valleys. We have the choice to soar above the clouds, stay clouded by the clouds, or fly below the... Read more →