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Sabbath February 17

We would love to warmly welcome you and thank you for joining our Bronte family to worship, praise, and fellowship with us this Sabbath! This weekend, in Ontario, we will celebrate Family Day. This statutory holiday was originally instituted in 1989 in Alberta, to add a day of leisure between New Year’s Eve and Easter […]

Welcome to Bronte Pastor Zama and family

WELCOME TO BRONTE! A good morning and happy Sabbath to each person with us today. We thank you for joining us this morning and warmly welcome you to the house of the Lord! We extend a very special greeting to welcome our new Pastor Robert Zama, his wife, Alina, and their daughter, Sarah. You were […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – Jan 13 2018

Good afternoon church family, we made it through our first full week of 2018! “This second Sabbath of the new year, we wish to warmly welcome you to the Bronte Church family. We hope the year is off to a great start for each of you and that you are tracking well. The year is […]

Fom the Pastor’s Desk Dec 23 2017

Welcome to the Bronte Church family during this festive season as we celebrate the first Advent of our Lord. As the world gathers to celebrate Christmas with its gifts, merriment, feasting and partying, it is evident that the reason for the season is forgotten. If we take Christ of out of Christmas, we have nothing. […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – Dec 16 2017

Good day all, “Welcome to God’s house at Bronte as we study, worship, and fellowship today. We are truly experiencing a shift in the weather and it’s beginning to feel and look more like Christmas and the festive season that closes another year. I got up one morning over the past week and saw the […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – December 9 2017

We can’t wait to welcome to the Bronte church family where we will meet again to study, worship, and fellowship. We look forward to your presence with us and hope that you will receive a rich blessing and your experience today will be an uplifting one. We continue with part II of dealing with discouragement. […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – Dec 2nd 2017

Welcome to our Bronte Church family as we gather this first Sabbath of the last month in 2017! Are you excited? Anxious? In shock? As the year draws to a close, it is a time of reflection for many, anticipation for some, and anxiety for others. Our outlook depends on where we are in life, […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – Nov 25 2017

“Will we have the opportunity to welcome you to our Bronte family, this last Sabbath of November, as we conclude our theme on the Reformation and its impact on our spiritual life and Christianity? Our guest speaker, Pastor Casey will give us a final challenge as we deeply reflect on the “Morningstar” of the Reformation. […]

From the Pastor’s Desk – Nov 18 2017

We look forward to welcoming you to the Bronte Church family as we will soon celebrate another Sabbath in study, worship, and fellowship. We are grateful for each of you who meet, greet, and come together each week. We miss those of you who cannot and have not come for a while and wish to […]